It's every small boy's shame and every grown man's favorite sexual fantasy - to be spanked on the bare bottom by mom! Naughty boys soon learn that if they misbehave, mommy will take their britches down, put them over her lap and spank them without mercy till the lesson is learned! A well-spanked son is a happy son is the motto of these strict spanking moms and we got the pants down, OTK pictures to prove it!
boys spanked by mom picture

Spanked For Watching Porn!

"I came home late from work the other night, put on my pajamas and robe to get ready for bed, when I heard a noise coming from my son's bedroom. I went to have a look and what did I catch him doing? Sitting at his computer looking at porn and stroking his erect penis! And the filth he was watching! A naked girl was licking a man's dirty anus right on the monitor! I was shocked and knew I had to take IMMEDIATE steps to teach him a lesson he wouldn't soon forget. What did I do? I put him over my lap, took down his shorts and gave his bare bottom the hardest spanking I could! He won't sit down for a few days without being reminded that mother spanked him and there will be no more porn watching in THIS house!..."

Get A's Or Get Spanked!

"When my son Jack came home from school with a report card that consisted of mostly D's and C's, I knew that I was going to have to instill a little discipline in him to study harder. Of course down came his trousers and out came the yardstick for a good hard spanking! He kicked and thrashed, but I spanked him all the same! Afterwards I made him stand in the corner with his pants down at his ankles until he stopped crying, apologized and promised to get straight A's next semester at school. And he better - unless he wants to come home everyday to a pants down bare bottom spanking from his mom! ..."
boys spanked by mom picture
boys spanked by mom picture

Spanked By Mom!

"My boy Larry is the captain of the wrestling team and VERY well developed for his age, but that doesn't stop me from spanking him if he's been naughty. Like the other day, I learned that he and couple of his teammates had been caught playing with another boy's penis in the locker room at school! They apparently were taking turns rubbing their penises together to give each other an erection! Now THAT was going to stop pronto! When he got home from practice I marched him to his room, stripped him naked, threw him across my lap and proceeded to spank his bare bottom for a good half hour! He promised he'd never do it again, but I'm keeping the "spanking light" on just incase he needs a little reminding of his promise! He might be big, but he's still going to get spanked by his mother when he needs it!..."

OTK Spanking Gets The Job Done!

"Frank thought he was too old to be spanked by his mother, but he soon learned different when he came home one night from a party with alcohol on his breath! He soon found himself face down across mother's lap with his pants at his ankles and naughty bare bottom feeling the sting of my hand! I'll not have a drunk in my house, and if punishing and humiliating him with a good old-fashioned OTK style spanking keeps him on the straight and narrow, then that's JUST what this mother is going to do! He might kick and wail, but spanking gets the job DONE!..."
boys spanked by mom picture
boys spanked by mom picture

Topless Mommy Spanks Hard!

"I might get soon flak from people for admitting this, but I still breast feed my teenage son. I feel it keeps us close and forges a mother son bond that will last for life. Now, that doesn't mean we have sex! In fact, I frequently have to punish him with a spanking if he gets an erection at my breast. That's NOT allowed! It might strike some as strange that a mother allows her sexually mature son to touch and suckle her bare breasts daily, but I don't care, I'll do what I want in MY house! Of course I know he masturbates upstairs in his room, I've seen the magazines he and his friends share, but that's to be expected. As long as he behaves himself downstairs during "feeding", then mommy won't spank...MUCH!"

Naughty Boys Get Bare Bottom Spankings From Their Mothers!

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boys spanked by mom pictures
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