Mommy Spanks Spanking Story
A Grown Son Shamed And Humiliated!

Frank was almost thirty seven years old and his beard had begun to show flecks of gray. He working in his mother's office doing the copying and sorting. His mother was a matronly type who was always complaining about how little work he did, and that he was always on the phone or wasting time....
"I'm tired of your lazy attitude, young man" She bellowed one day. "It's time you learned that I'm not in business to have you loafing about making calls and playing pranks on the other workers. Perhaps if I take your pants down right here in the office and spank your bare bottom in front of the others, you'll learn to work harder...". She grabbed him by the sleeve and steered him towards her chair...

Before Frank could say a word, his mother had him over her lap and was yanking down his trousers and underpants to reveal his pale bare bottom for all to see. "No, Mother, please.." He wimpered, but she was a strong woman and had resorted to spanking her boy many times in the past. he knew what was coming next. "I'll teach you to behave, little man" She said "You might be grown, but you're not too old to have your mother shame you with a good spanking!"...

She was good to her word because as she began to spank and slap his bare bottom he could feel the tears of humiliation welling up in his eyes. And knowing that the other's in the office were witness to his shame just made the stinging blows falling on his reddening ass even more painful. "You'll be happy to know I plan to use the ruler on you today too, my naughty boy!" She sneered as she paused to reach for the ruler on her desk...

Frank soon gasped from the stinging blows as she brought the ruler down upon his naked bottom again and again. He began to plead and beg "Please, mother, I'll be good....mommy...pleeeese...". She just laughed and continued her hard brutal spanking. To drive the lesson home, she decided to shame him even further. "Is that your little penis I feel against my leg, young man? There better not be any messes on Mommy's dress when I am finished spanking you or there will be hell to pay!". Frank tried to stop his penis from getting erect, but it was something that always happened when his mother spanked him on the bare bottom...





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