Mommy Spanks Spanking Story
A Son Spanked By His Mother

Steven was a proud man, had his own business and even a nice wife at home. But he also had something else - a mature mother who enjoyed spanking her son's bare bottom for any infraction of the her strict house rules. So when he was over and happened to leave a mess in her kitchen, it came as no surprise that his mother decided to take down his trousers and bare his bottom for a good OTK spanking....
"Now, get over my knee and we'll see if you're too big to be spanked by your mother" she said as she motioned towards her lap. "Mother, please.." he began to plead, but she was a strong willed woman and soon he found himself in the humiliating postion of being over his mother's knee like so many times befoe as as a young boy. "Let's have these underpants down, NOW!" she said as she put her fingers into the hem of his pants and yanked them down...

Steven felt a blush of shame cross his face as his mother bared his bottom and began to spank him VERY hard with her hand. "You always did need to be spanked as a youngster, Steven. I'm surprised you didn't learn to behave yourself in my house sooner" she lectured as she brought her hand down time and time again across his stinging bare bottom...

He struggled and pleaded, but she kept a firm grip on him. Tears began to well in his eyes as he thought of the shame he would have to endure if his lovely young wife ever found out that he had been spanked like this by his mother. "Quit your wimpering, Steven" she scolded "We both know deep down you need this". His pale bare ass began to redden and glow as she continued to spank him...

"Ah, perhaps it's time for something different" she said as she reached for the kitchen spatula. "No. Mommy, please, I'll be good" he wimpered as he saw her take the implement in her hand. "I'm afraid it's too late for that now, Steven. That's something you should of learned a long time ago. You would of thought all those times I had you across my lap with your pants down would of taught you something!" she scolded as she raised the spatula and began to slap his bare bottom extra hard. Whack! Whack! Whack!...

"Mommy!" He gasped as he felt the stinging blows of the spatula. But that was nothing compared to the pain he felt from what she said next. "Steven, I've decided to invite your wife over to witness this, as I think she should know what kind of disicpline you need! I called her earler and I think that's her car I hear in the drive right now!" He knew she spoke the truth as suddenly he heard his wife's wife as she came into the room and saw him in this humiliating position......"STEVEN, my god!"....
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