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Husband Spanked By His Wife

My husband Mark is a big burly man, but don't let that fool you! When he's being "difficult" I don't hesitate to take downs his trousers, bare his bottom and put him across my lap for a good old fashioned "shamed by his mommy" hard spanking!....
It happened again just the other day. I had been home from work only a few minutes when Mark came in from working in the garage. He was covered in grease and oil and proceeded to track his dirty boot prints all over the kitchen floor. "What do you think you're doing?" I asked "Do I look like the maid?". He didn't say anything as I'm sure he could tell from my voice what was coming next....

"Take off those boots and come over here NOW!" He hesitated. "I said NOW, Mark, don't make me get my belt!" I kept a big black leather belt hanging near the kitchen pantry door to remind him who was in charge in our marriage. "Please, Hon...I...I..." He started to stutter like a schoolboy, but I wasn't having any of it. After he had removed his boots I grabbed the belt and taking him by the ear, led him into the dinning room. "Alright, seems somebody didn't learn their lesson about not tracking mud in the house. I guess we'll have to teach it again". I stood him in front of me and undid his trousers. "We'll have these right down, my naughty little man" I sneered the word "little". Mark blushed as his trousers and then underpants were yanked down to mid-thigh....

Putting him roughly across my lap I began to spank his bare bottom with my hand, making sure to cover both cheeks with equal amounts of hard stinging slaps. "Please, dear, not this.." "Yes, this!" I thundered "You're going to learn to listen or I'm going to spank your bare ass everyday if I have too. Would you like me to open the drapes so the neighbors can enjoy this?". He gasped. "Well, then, stop your fussing and obey your wife!". He bit his lip as I increased the severity of the spanking. Finally I reached for the belt and began to really lather his reddening bottom with vicious hard lashes of the wide leather. He wimpered, but even so I felt his penis harden against my pantyhose encased thigh. "What's that I feel?" I asked "An erection? You LIKE this?" I brought the belt down again and again on his bottom "Maybe you are one of those wimps that like's his wife to punish and humiliate him. Is that it?"...

He said nothing but I continued to taunt him "Come on, Mark, tell Mommy you're a bad little boy and need to be spanked!". My arm was beginning to tire from the relentless flogging of his bottom. I stopped and grabbed him by the chin, turning his head to face me. "Now you go stand in the corner and I'll let you know when you can come to supper". I led him to the corner and faced him against the wall. He tried to pull up his pants but I slapped his hands away. "NO! These will stay down!". I turned him against the wall and went into the kitchen to prepare supper leaving my throughly shamed husband standing there with a red burning bottom.

When I finally let him come to the table he was most well behaved, even asking me if he could clear the plates and wash them! Of course I consented. Mark's a good man, he just needs to be "corrected" by his wife from time to time. Don't all men?
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