Mommy Spanks Spanking Story
I Spanked My Grown Son On His Bare Bottom!

My son Jason was a naughty teenager with a growing atitude problem. Each day he would get more surly and disrespectful to me, his mother. So I decided something had to be done, especially after I caught him looking at porn on the internet and playing with his penis right at my desk!....
I took him by the ear and put him right over for my lap for a favorite good old-fashioned punishment for naughty boys - a bare bottom spanking! He pleaded and acted like he was too old to be shamed by his mother across her knee, but I bared his bottom and rolled up my sleeves for the hard work that had to be done...

"If you're going to act like a naughty little boy, Jason" I said "Then mommy's going to take your britches down and spank you till you promise to behave!" He kicked and writhed on my lap as I began to bring my hand down hard on his white bare butt. SLAP SLAP SLAP. "And if I catch you playing with your little penis at my desk again, I'm going to take you right down into the living room and spank you in front of your Aunt and sister, would you like that?" "No, mommy, PLEASE!" He wimpered. His tough boy tone had softened considerably...

Even though I felt his penis getting hard against my naked thigh and starting to throb, I continued to spank him harder and harder. SLAP SLAP SLAP! I didn't like it, but it was normal for a teenage boy to get erect sometimes when he's being punished on his bare bottom. I had seen it numerous times in the sunday school class I taught at the local church. Many is the time I had to take a paddle to a bad boy's bare bottom for a little proper "correction"...

After a few more good slaps across his now rosy and blushing bare bottom, I stood him up against the desk. Ignoring his erect penis, I scolded him for being so naughty and told him if I ever caught him masturbating to dirty pictures on my computor I'd take his pants down and REALLY paddle his bottom with my new leather belt! Between sobs he promised to be a good boy, but I wasn't falling for it. I let him stand there for a few moments in shame, then told him to get dressed and report to the kitchen for some chores...

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Mommy takes his pants down and bares his bottom for a spanking

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otk spanking by his mother on his bare bottom

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